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Hair Extensions

Micro Bead Extensions

Micro bead extensions is a highly popular hair extension method. Using the strand on strand method. Micro beads are fitting by sectioning a clients hair and threading a micro bead onto the hair using a hair extension loop tool. When the bead has been looped onto the clients hair the tip of the hair extension is then inserted in the bead and closed shut using hair pliers. Micro bead extensions can be reused as long as the hair has been well looked after and maintained. Hair maintenance is usually due every 6-8 weeks depending on clients regrowth speed and aftercare.

Microbead hair extensions

Nano Bead Extensions

Are fitted the same way as Micro bead extensions, using the strand on strand looping technique. They are accentually the same the only difference being Nano beads are smaller bonds and therefore more discreet at the root. This makes them perfect for clients who have fine to medium hair as they will be better disguised then the usual Micro bead version.

Nano bead hair extensions

Mini Tube Extensions

Are a another version of Micro or Nano bead extension the only difference being the bond between extension and the clients hair is a small metal tube. A small section of hair is looped through the metal tube and the tip of the extension is then inserted alongside clients hair, it is then closed using hair pliers. You can reuse and refit this method of extension when maintenance is due. Hair should last 2/3 months with the correct aftercare.

Mini tube hair extensions

Tape Weft Extensions

Are a newly popular hair extension method. Tape Wefts are fitted in pairs. Clients hair is sectioned to the correct width and depth needed per extension and then a Tape extension is then placed under and on top of the clients hair and is pinched closed using hair pliers. The Tape extension can also be warmed up slightly using a flat iron / heating tool to encourage the adhesive to bond together. Tape wefts can be reused as the adhesive can be replaced. This is solely 

dependant on how well the hair is looked after and maintained. Maintenance for this method is usually required every 6 - 8 weeks depending on hair growth.

Tape weft hair extensions

Keratin Fusion Bonds

Is a strand on strand extension method. Each hair extension has a U shaped tip of Keratin adhesive. Fusion Bonds are applied individually uing gentle heat. The U tip of the extension is warmed up using gentle heat. The technician fits them by pinching and rolling the extension closed. Fusion Keratin Bonds are a once only use extension method and usually last 2/3 months before being replaced with new Keratin bonds.

Keratin fusion bond hair extensions

Easy Shrink Extensions 'Shrinkies'

Also know as "Shrinkies" follow the same strand on strand method as above. This method involves using gentle heat to fit the extension to the clients hair. Using a hair heat tool the technician will loop a section of the clients hair through the easy shrink tube alongside the tip of the extension. The heat tool is the pressed against the easy shrink, which will  then warm the tube up so the tube shrinks and tightens creating the bond between the extension and the hair. Hair can be reused with this method also as the Shrinkie can be removed and a new one added when maintenance is due. Maintenance is usually due 6/8 weeks depending on hair regrowth.

Easy shrink hair extensions
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